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Car Safety Video Video of Fuyao Windscreen Save Lives
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Dear Customers, In light of the government warning of cybercrime and increase in online scam, this is a courtesy reminder to all customers that NAGS will never change our bank account details by email request. Please only refer to the bank account details shown on our Statement or Invoices. If you notice any change of account for whatsoever reason, please contact our local branches or Head office to verify the changes before making payment. Thank you for your attention. NAGS Management
Please be advised that the NAGS Newcastle branch will be relocationg to new premises effective November 13th 2017. New Details as follows: 4 Frost Drive, Mayfield West, NSW 2304 Ph:02 4967 7988 Email:
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Australian & New Zealand Standard (AS2080:2006)
Economic Commission for Europe(ECE)
American National Standard (DOT-459)
Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Korea(KS)
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