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Company profile

National Auto Glass Supplies

National Auto Glass Supplies (NAGS) is the leading and largest auto glass wholesaler in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Region. NAGS commenced its operations in 1998 in Sydney. NAGS is a privately owned Australian company with its headquarters based in Sydney. NAGS has 13 branches/warehouses strategically located throughout Australia in order to better serve the auto glass industry. NAGS has a further three branches in New Zealand covering both the North and South Islands.


NAGS is 100% Australian privately owned company.

Our Mission Statement

“To make quality auto glass available whenever and wherever required by our customers.”

This statement is all about making the impossible, possible.

The auto glass industry demands a wide range of auto glass to be available on a timely basis. With over 7,500 individual parts and rising, our aim is to meet this challenge head-on by ensuring that the largest range of auto glass products are available across all our branches.

Extensive Distribution Network

With its 16 branches across Australia and New Zealand NAGS has an extensive distribution network and capability. Our fleet of our 70 vehicles is able to deliver auto glass products to most fitting businesses in the metro and country areas. For areas not covered by the vehicle delivery fleet, NAGS is able to organise delivery via freight transportation companies at affordable rates.

Source of Auto Glass Products

The vast majority of the NAGS auto glass products are manufactured by the Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co Ltd (FUYAO Group) which is the world’s second largest auto glass manufacturer. The FUYAO Group (600660) is a public company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in China.

NAGS also use other suppliers as required including Saint-Gobain Autover International B.V. to maximise our range of  auto glass products.

Product Range

Our auto glass stock range is approximately 7,500 individual parts. We hold largest stocks of auto glasses across all our warehouses. We stock auto glass for both domestic and imported vehicle models including continental cars, buses, coaches and industrial work vehicles. Customised made automotive glass based on customer’s requirement and specifications are also available, these including windscreen, side & door glass and flat laminated sheets.

High Standards of Quality

All our auto glass products are quality certified and  endorsed by US Dot (US Standard), E1 & E2 (European Standards) and most importantly by our own Australian Standard AS2080:2060. All auto glass supplied by NAGS is fully warranted against manufacturing faults such as delamination and distortion. The auto glass products are manufactured in plants that have been certified and approved under Australian Standard AS3902 and International Standard ISO9002.

Excellent Customer Service

NAGS is customer centric company by maintaining the highest level of customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team, assisted by state-of-the-art ERP systems are able to quickly and efficiently provide service and to locate the correct glass. We provide same day delivery through our delivery fleet for your convenient. NAGS objectives are to maximize customer value by offer competitive pricing in the marketplace.

Advanced Storage System

NAGS have invested heavily in efficient and innovative glass storage systems. We have begun a process of overhauling our racking systems across all our branches in Australia and New Zealand.

As a result of the changes within the warehouse, NAGS have been able to increase the speed and accuracy of picking the glass to fulfil customer orders. A by-product of the changes within our branches has been the reduction in breakages of the auto glass products.

Advanced Technology

NAGS are leading the drive to transform the auto glass industry. We have invested heavily in our internal IT systems to deliver change with advanced technology.

In 2009, NAGS was able to integrate its sales, purchasing, warehouse management and distribution via the implementation of a robust ERP system.

The bar coding of all our auto glass products program was commenced in 2012 and will continue over the next few years.

In 2012, NAGS launched MYNAGS the first auto glass B2B portal in Australia (MYNAGS Australia) and New Zealand (MYNAGS New Zealand) . The MYNAGS portal was created for the benefit of NAGS customers to access the up- to- date NAGS catalogue and online ordering. It also provides 24/7 stock level visibility and quicker order placing, which in turn improves the customers turnaround time to be able to serve their customers.

NAGS recognises the importance of investments in IT to further contribute to the ever-evolving auto glass industry.