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Solar Absorbing Glass

Laminated Windscreen   Laminated Windscreen
Ordinary Auto Glass   NAGS Solar Absorbing Auto Glas

Laminated Windscreen Reduce Temperature By Reducing IR (Infra Red) Heat Rays
The S-LEC® Solar Control film drastically reduces transmission of Infra red rays contained in sunlight while maintaining a high level of visible light.
Laminated Windscreen  
Blocks Over 99% of Harmful UV (Ultra Violet) Rays
UV rays in sunlight not only fade color, age plastic and other furnishing, it can also cause sunburn, skin cancer and retinal damage.
Laminated Windscreen  
Free Radio Wave Transparency
Unlike the old XIR technology, NAGS solar control glass lets radio waves permeate completely, eliminating a major impediment to effective in-car mobile communication and ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) systems.
Laminated Windscreen  
Maintain Maximum Visual Clarity In All Driving Conditions
NAGS solar control glass meets the Australian Standard of over 70% VLT (Visual Light Transmittance).
Laminated Windscreen  
NAGS solar control glass will provide more natural comfort with less need for air-conditioning, less burden on car engine and cooling systems as well as less fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

  • What's UV or IR? (UV=Damage, IR = Heat)

The sunlight can be categorized into visible light, ultraviolet rays (UV), and infrared rays (IR). While you can see visible light, UV and IR are invisible.

UV and IR are dominant among the sunlight in harming human skin. Especially, strong UV in summer can easily harm human skin. It may cause sunburn, liver spots, wrinkles, and even skin cancer.

Cutting UV is the prime principle to protect your precious skin. IR is converted to heat by being absorbed into many things. When your skin is exposed to IR, you feel like your skin is being frizzled by the effect of the mid-infrared radiation. By cutting IR, you can relieve the feeling of being frizzled and improve the efficiency of the airconditioner. The improved efficiency can also contribute to higher mileage of your car.

Source: AGC.

  • The advantage of NAGS Solar Control Glass

NAGS Solar Control laminated auto glass use the S-LEC® PVB film that is produced by the SEKISUI, which has the leading solar control technology available for auto glass. NAGS Solar Control glass blocks UV and IR and allows maximum possible visible light to pass through to meet the stringent Australia standards.

Both charts on the right shows spectrum curves of different glass/PVB compositions. Compared with a normal PVB laminate, S-LEC® Solar Control film reduces incoming solar energy effectively, while retaining enough visible light transmission. This leads to a reduction in the dashboard temperature of 10°C compared with a normal PVB laminate.

Source: Sekisui
  • Free Radio Wave Transparency

Conventional heat reflecting glass (such as some XIR® heat rejecting film/PVB, heat reflective PET) use a metal coating that will deflect radio waves and block mobile phone and ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system signals. S-LEC® Solar control film does not contain metal coating layer and allows radio waves of all frequencies to pass through the glass.


  • Optical Data
Data above is based on the tests conducted by Fuyao Glass Group Laboratory.