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How do I receive my auto glass that I have ordered?

All auto glass orders are either:
  • picked-up from your nearest branch by you; or
  • Delivered by NAGS to your premises. If this option is chosen than you must contact your local branch to confirm that a delivery can be made to your premises; or
  • freighted to your premises via a reliable transportation company that NAGS uses. Please contact our local branch to get further details on the arrangements;
  • Air freighted to your premises. This option is very popular for body glass and very cost effective.

Are there any locations that are not covered by either of the options listed above?

No. NAGS is able to organise auto glass to be delivered to your premises anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

What regions do we service?

We supply our auto glass throughout the Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Region such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa.

How long before my auto glass products are be ready if I'm picking them up?

All orders are processed immediately by your nominated branch. You should allow approximately 30 minutes from sending your order through to pick up by yourself.