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What do I need to know about a windscreen to order one?

You will need to know the following information to order a windscreen:

1.     Vehicle Year, Make, and Model

2.     Glass Manufacturer

3.     Windscreen height and width (see below for instructions)

4.     Windscreen side type (passenger, driver, both, one-piece)

5.     Vin Chassis Numbers

6.     Whether your windscreen has a Colour band (shaded band at the top of windscreen), a black border around the edge of the windscreen (also known as a Ceramic or Frit) and/or Dot Matrix (shading around the edge of the windscreen).

7.     Whether your windscreen has any attachments such as a rain sensor, heater, etc.

8.     Whether your windscreen has other features such as acoustic, solar, HUD, etc.

How do I measure my windscreen?

To be accurate, there are 3 measurements can be acquired in identifying the correct windscreen:

1.     Width - Measure across the widest point of the windscreen

2.     Centre High – Measure top to bottom at the middle of the windscreen

3.     Diagonal – Measure from the top edge to bottom edge of the windscreen

If you can provide the above three measurements, our customer service representative will be able to identify the correct glass for the replacement.


What auto glass accessories do you carry?

We carry a large range of quality accessories products including rubber moulds, urethane, adhesive, auto glass tools, clips and others. We provide a one stop warehouse for our customers where they can get all the auto-glass products at the same time as placing the orders for auto glass. The accessories will be delivered free-of-charge with every auto-glass order that is placed.

Do you provide installation services to end users?

No, we do not provide any auto glass installation or fitting services. We are a wholesaler and distributor of auto glass products only.

How to identify the source/factory of the glass manufacturer?

Where was the windscreen or tempered glass manufactured? You can check the DOT number to be sure. In the ARG market, the logo on the glass often belongs to the importer/reseller, but the DOT # will indicate who the manufacturer is. Once you are aware of the manufacturer of the auto glass, the reputation of that manufacturer for their factory’s quality processes and ability to produce OEM equivalent glass will provide you further insight as to the quality of the product that you have purchased.



DOT Number List