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Is there any warranty on auto glass purchased from NAGS?

All auto glass supplied by NAGS is fully warranted against manufacturing faults. Please refer to the NAGS Terms and Conditions of Sale for further information. Click here.

Why do I need to inspect the auto glass when picking-up or on delivery?

As all glass products are fragile in nature, it is very important to unpack, remove the glass plastic cover and inspect the auto glass carefully. If any damage is found while inspecting the glasses, please notify your local branch immediately and we will provide a replacement glass.
If you choose not to inspect the auto glass, we will exercise our right not to provide a replacement in the event that the glass is found damaged. This is because auto glass has a high risk of damage whenever it is handled.
If you are picking up the auto glass from our branches, we strongly suggest that you pick up your windscreen in a truck equipped to handle transportation of glass. We cannot be responsible for damages once you take possession of the glass.